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Want Instant Gratification? Try Facebook Lead Ads

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Small and medium sized businesses alike can take advantage of Facebook's lead form campaigns. With the ability to highly target prospective customers, serve dynamic creative ad content as well as produce a steady flux of highly qualified prospects - Facebook Lead Ads has become a highly prized commodity among marketers.

Real World Case Study Using Facebook Lookalike Audience:

Carlos of Sac Tacos wants to find prospective businesses who are likely to buy his dropoff buffet catering service. Using Facebook's Lookalike Audience feature we are able to upload a list of Carlos's existing customers and find prospects that Facebook has identified has sharing overlapping interests and demographics. Without divulging who these people are or renting or selling a list, Facebook will display the marketing campaign to an audience makeup that's a near mirror match of existing customers.

Facebook Serves It's Own Lead Form

In years past when advertisers wanted to create a marketing campaign on Facebook they were limited in terms of the types of campaigns they could run. Advertisers who were looking to increase their likes on content or followers could create campaigns designed to encourage viewers to share the content or like or follow the page. Marketers could also create ads designed to drive traffic to a website, app, or video.

This came with certain drawbacks as driving traffic off the platform meant increased load time of loading content inside Facebook's browser. Increased loading time meant conversion fall off in many instances, Facebook sought to rectify this by launching their own hosted lead forms; meaning advertisers would no longer have to drive potential customers to their website to submit their contact information. Lead forms contents are saved to a CSV spreadsheet file where the information is stored on Facebook's advertising platform.

Adding Automation Workflow To Facebook Lead Ads

While Facebook does not currently offer lead routing through email or text when a lead is submitted on the platform, we've come up with integrations of our own using a 3rd party service that will allow for workflow automation of the following whenever a lead is submitted:

  • Automatically drip Facebook Leads to Salesforce or similar CRM's.

  • Email route or text message Facebook leads

  • Update a spreadsheet or database with Facebook leads

Real world example of this automation workflow would be an advertising campaign on Facebook that is chained to a lead form. When the lead comes in that lead can be emailed or text messaged to a distribution list and updated in a database or a CRM.

Taking It One Step Further With Retargeting

Splitting the marketing budget by chaining an additional Facebook Retargeting campaign to target lead form submissions will ensure that you close the marketing circle on your prospects. Prospects who have submitted a lead form from previous advertisers are highly targeted with a variety of ad campaigns designed to drive them to the company website. This is also a method on capitalizing on passive intent and turning it into a more decisive action.

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