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GoDaddy Has The World's Worst Web Hosting Ever!

Not only does GoDaddy provide horrible website hosting, their customer service is terrible. Watch this video and see why your business should avoid hosting a website with GoDaddy at all costs..

Live Recorded Session of Web Design Company Looking For Customer Support On Godaddy

We recorded a chat support session during a hosting outage to illustrate the level of service that GoDaddy customers can expect to receive when asking to receive support. As a GoDaddy customer for many years it's really embarrassing to see how low customer service has sunk for this company.

If the level of service and support we received during one of our many service outages is indicative of what other customers receive, you can see why this company is losing customers in droves.

Avoid GoDaddy Web Hosting At All Costs, Their Service Is The Worst!

Do yourself a favor, watch this video and then if you have a GoDaddy account, think about moving it to one of the other providers I mention in my video. You'll get way better service with either Siteground or WPEngine. If you do not currently have a hosting account, we highly recommend that you host your website with one of these far superior web hosting companies.

In Conclusion: GoDaddy Sucks!

Avoid the same level of frustration and annoyance that we reached during our chat support request. Seek a real web host that provides real customer support. Our chat support lasted over an hour and got us absolutely nowhere. If that was a chat with a real life person who cares about our account, I'll be a monkey's uncle. If be the end of this video you don't see why you should host your website with anyone else but GoDaddy, we would be very surprised. GoDaddy is flat out THE WORST HOSTING EVER - take your business elsewhere.

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