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Are you looking to reach more customers? Send targeted emails to prospects, existing customers, and stay top of mind with monthly scheduled eblasts. Email marketing is the lowest cost form of advertising that you can do to generate the most amount of sales. Let us help you build a quality email list of leads. 

Most typical usage of Eblasts:
Companies or brands want to communicate events, announcements, sales, advertisements, or new products & services to their customers with targeted email messages.


How Effective Is Email Marketing:
Typically our email marketing campaigns see a 40-50% open rate on a quality list with a 15-20% average clickthrough rate. Email marketing typically generates $38 net sales for every marketing dollar spent according to Constant Contact.

What's Included:
We'll custom design you a responsive email marketing template. Set up your list(s), segments, email list builder form, and provide reporting. We'll also create a content plan and design your eblasts.  We will then schedule your emails to be delivered monthly to your dynamically maintained email audience.

Our Partner - MailChimp:

We provide and guarantee email service delivery through MailChimp. Upon purchasing this package we will create you a MailChimp account. Your monthly access fees & service charges will be billed directly by MailChimp - see website for additional details.

Typical Turn Around Time:

7 Business Days from the date that you place your order.


*Email delivery subject to having a clean sending domain name. Additional fees may apply for setup of "clean" sending domains. Customer is responsible for providing a "clean" email list if importing existing data. By definition - "clean" meaning the emails provided were opt-in either from existing customers, or leads generated by the customer and not a 3rd party. 

**Email delivery rate, open, bounce, and click through rates cannot be guaranteed by any marketer. Open and delivery rates, click through rates stated above are a combined average across multiple marketing accounts and used for demonstration purposes only.

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