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Electrician SEO - A Case Study on How to Win

Recently we started working with a Residential Electrician. They have a brand new website and are looking to maximize their marketing dollars. We've been doing this for a very long time and are used to working at a distance with companies. Doing SEO during Covid-19 hasn't changed things for us much at all.

Case Study:

Electrician needs to compete in his local market and improve his search engine rank to appear above competitors for all major keywords. Right off the bat, we take the Neil Patel approach towards SEO and use our sophisticated marketing strategies to analyze the site, backlinks, competitors, the works.

Our Approach towards SEO for Electricians:

  1. Begin creating content and redesigning the website to rank for the keywords they need to be found for.

  2. Create authority backlinks from credible websites. We have built and control websites related to a variety of different construction terms so this isn't very difficult for us to do.

  3. Create social profiles and populate them with content to expand the footprint of the business on Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and review websites like Yelp.

  4. Research keywords and content for authority terms related to electricians and create search valuable content to help the business rank in Google.

Highest Authority SEO Keywords for Electricians

It isn't very hard to see which keywords we should be going after and writing content for. A quick glance at keyword traffic tells us that Electrician & Electrician Near Me are both soft targets worth going after aggressively.

What is the definition of a soft target in terms of SEO?

Soft targets in SEO are high traffic keyword with low competition.

These are good people to work with, they are highly receptive, don't give me any push back in terms of the strategies I want to deploy and are easy to work with and help win. So when they told me they want to rank for Electrician & Residential Electricians - even though it involves way more work than their monthly SEO agreement, I said "game on".

How did we get them to rank so fast?

We start out by creating some cornerstone content for the business and then create ancillary "satellite" articles that cross link to the page with all the terms we want to rank for. We build up "some" link juice in linking to the satellite articles, but the majority of the link juice and heavy DA & DR backlinks point to the cornerstone article.

Monitoring Strategy:

  1. Set up a profile for monitoring current status of domain metrics using SEO Tools - Ahrefs and SEOMoz.

  2. Set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics to monitor web traffic and keyword position gains in real time.

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